Diving and gear

As a tool for my diving I’m using a JJ-ccr, the 4 WD of rebreather diving that allows me to do deeper and longer dives. Simply a reliable machine.

Santi drysuit elite plus together with Santi 400 heated suit and gloves for both comfort and security. Primary light is a halcyon focus 2.0 a great light.

Bailout, bailout regulators halcyon and apeks quality gear that works even in tough enviroment.

Sometimes the conditions is better for OC diving so I have several OC kits ready to dive, 2×18, 2×12, 2×8,5, 2×4 with both agir and halcyon wing both are great high quality gear.

Camera gear

Sony A7c a mirrorless full frame camera equipped with a 28mm, 2,8 objective probably the smallest full frame camera in the market. But don’t judge it’s size it’s a great camera.

Nauticam house with a WWL-1 wetlens for underwater setup, Nautical produces the best underwater housing for cameras in my opinion.

Cameras lights, I prefer to use offbord lights mostly because of the conditions that I am diving in. ERA Marine a 50 000 lumen big light, divepro x2 12 000lumen together with som smaller lights.

Side scan sonar: Deepvision 340/680 hz sonar a great sonar down to about 80-90m produces god quality images, in 340 for searching bigger areas and 680 for smaller tings.

ROV: I use a fifish V6 that can be equipped with different gears and is capable of diving to a depth of 100m